Summer School

  • Summer school is an excellent way of giving students a fine place to go during the long summer vacation while enabling parents to rest assured that their kids are in good hands.
  • Our two-month-long summer came not only improves students’ basic skills in English reading, writing, and math, but also prepares them well for their classes in the upcoming school year.
  • Students experience a well-rounded day with participation in music, painting, and body coordination classes.
  • The schedule is 8am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Summer School Program Features
    • Free breakfast and lunch provided by the NYC Department of Education
    • Class sizes are small
    • Chinese teachers are bilingual
    • English and math teachers are experienced public school teachers
    • After-hour care is provided
    • School bus service is available for an additional fee
    • The school has all necessary licenses and safety and sanitation rules are strictly observed
    • Talent classes (music, dance, painting, Kung Fu, chess) are taught by renown experts from China and around the world
    • Classrooms are large and bright, allowing for flexible use of the space
    • Enrollment begins every year on February 1. Discounts are offered for early enrollment.


Summer School slide show:

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