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Summer School

Enroll Now Summer school is a great opportunity for students to continue developing not only their academic skills, but also their individuality. Parents can be rest assured that their children are in good hands. Over the course of two months, our summer camp improves students’ skills in math, reading and writing (English/Chinese), and science. We…

Summer Visit & Study Tours in the U.S. for Chinese Students

To promote U.S.-Chinese cultural and educational exchange, AACE organizes short summer tours for outstanding middle and high school students from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan to visit the U.S. for the dual purpose of touring and studying. Along with American students, participants will take part in regular classroom studies and learn U.S….

Counseling for Students

Counseling is available at any time to assist students with the transitions from middle school to high school and from high school to college. We provide college tours. If you have any questions, please contact us.

After-School Tutoring

This program takes place Monday through Friday from 3:00 PM – 6:30 PM. Students receive assistance in completing their homework. Tutors aim to clarify any questions/misunderstandings the students have about the topics they learned in class. We aim to encourage students to develop a strong work ethic and healthy study habits. Students will improve their…

Weekend English and Math Tutoring Classes

Classes are designed to supplement regular English/Math school classes in order to improve our students’ academic performance in these subjects. Our tutors put special focus in helping recently immigrated students improve their English as quickly as possible in order to dissolve language barriers and facilitate their best learning. Tutors for different grade levels are available….

Weekend Chinese School

Chinese School Program Features Focus is placed on the goals of individual students. Lessons aim to achieve overall improvement in listening, speaking, and writing abilities. Diplomas are awarded when the following requirements are met: Completion of 12 Chinese textbooks with passing grades Reaching test standards in AP courses (above 3.2) Reaching national SAT2 Chinese test…

Talent Classes

Talent classes are held on weekends during the school year and in the summer. We aim to provide a healthy environment for a year-round development of students’ ethics, intelligence, and physical health. Extracurricular classes include: Music Painting Handcrafts Sculpting Dance (folk dance, ballet, modern dance, and popular dance) Chinese Kung Fu Etiquette. All teachers are…